CPF receives funding from UK and international trusts, foundations and institutions. We are grateful to the organisations listed below for their support.


Mastercard Labs

The seventh in a series of Mastercard Innovation Hubs, Mastercard Labs for Financial Inclusion is the first Lab in Africa and the first to focus exclusively on financial inclusion.


CPF have partnered with Mastercard Labs to pilot 2kuze – a digital platform connecting farmers, agents, and buyers that allows smallholders to gain greater pricing transparency and more effective distribution of their products.


Global Resilience Partnership

The Global Resilience Partnership aims to help millions of vulnerable people in the Sahel, the Horn of Africa, and South and Southeast Asia better adapt to shocks and chronic stresses and invest in a more resilient future. The GRP have been supporting CPF since we were one of the winners of their first challenge to work with smallholder farmers to utilize technology to provide necessary data, tools and information to improve livelihoods, promote inclusion and build resilience.



Inventors of the world’s first digital micro coffee roasters, IKAWA: Home Coffee Roasterare supporting CPF’s work by helping to provide roasters to our producer partners.



Those provides expertise in producing innovative digital and physical design. They have supported CPF to deliver numerous projects including the realization of innovations developed by farmers and the development of the initial concept and platform of WeFarm with the design agency Airside.



Through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP), DEG (The German Investment & Development Corporation) and Cafédirect support CPF’s Rooted in Quality programme in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.


Big Lottery Fund

CPF’s Innovation by Smallholders to enhance Productivity, Incomes, Resources and Enterprise (INSPIRE) is funded by the Big Lottery Fund. This project is based in Peru and will commence in June 2015.



CPF won the 2014 Google Impact Challenge for WeFarm, you can keep up to date with WeFarm’s incredible work bringing the power of internet to people without it here.


Knight Foundation

The Knight Foundation has supported the WeFarm project


Innovations Against Poverty

We recieved a small grant from IAP to develop a WeFarm business plan


Comic Relief

Comic Relief has awarded CPF three grants in support of programming in East Africa and to support CPF’s producer-led governance. These grants include Adap2T, Strengthening Producer Leadership of Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation and Upscaling Farmer Innovation.

Kerstin Linne

Kerstin has done work with CPF since it started. She supported the Adap2T project and is now involved in the Rooted in Quality initiative. Since 2011 Kerstin has worked as an international consultant with a focus on climate change issues, as well as participatory methodologies to engage smallholders, particularly in the coffee and the tea sectors. Previously she worked for the German International Cooperation (GiZ) on climate change issues.

Daniel Merrill

Daniel joined the team in January 2013.  Chameleon like in his activities, he is currently working across several fields  music, education and social enterprise, the later what has brought him to CPF. His work (in all fields) explores social change through bottom up social engagement. Daniel is currently undertaking an MA in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship from Goldsmiths University, where he is also a guest speaker.

Stephen Rockman

Stephen led the process to create a sustainable business plan for WeFarm in 2012. He founded Merism Capital in 2010 to provide seed funding for early stage social businesses. Previously he was an advisor to an angel investor in early stage web and mobile companies and discovered social enterprise’s challenges and opportunities whilst mentoring entrepreneurs for NESTA.

Jim Rhodes

Jim is an interactive & web designer. He has worked with CPF on a number of projects (including this website). He has been part of the WeFarm team since the very beginning, and designed and built the first versions of the platform. He was also part of the pilot projects in Peru, Kenya and Tanzania… designing and coding through 5 day power blackouts to keep WeFarm going!

Nat Hunter

Nat became involved with WeFarm at an early stage in her role as director of Airside, the award winning cross-platform design agency. She led the vision of using SMS to make the platform accessible to everyone, and was at the heart of designing many of WeFarm’s innovative features. She continues to be involved with the project as it scales up, and is now co-director of design at the RSA