SmallFolders – Inspired by smallholders

We’re thrilled to welcome you to SmallFolders, a new series of urban gardening products from Cafedirect Producers’ Foundation!

SmallFolders are flatpack urban gardening products inspired by African and Latin American farmers and their hacks to gardening challenges. SmallFolders will help you grow herbs and plants, keep bees, and bring the magic of nature straight from the fields to your balcony or windowsill.
To help us get SmallFolders off the ground we are launching a crowdfunding campaign on the popular platform Indiegogo. By supporting the campaign you will able to get your hands on some incredible, unique farmer designed products AND support our work on the ground!

‘SmallFolders’ goes Full Circle
The money raised will go back into our programmes supporting farmers to develop and test innovations for small scale farming techniques. These innovations will aim to help them diversify their incomes, adapt to climate change and increase their crop yields.

Their innovations will then lead us to develop further products that can be brought to the market. This will give you even more ways to garden in urban settings and bring in even more money to our programmes. And like that, we complete the circle!

Please help us turn this great idea into a reality! Be among the first to get your hands on our SmallFolders on our Indiegogo site below!


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