‘Rooted in Quality’ In Santo Domingo

Making development projects truly participatory and bottom-up can be tough, but is a fundamental part of CPFs innovative, producer led model. Our Rooted in Quality project is taking on this challenge by driving smallholder producer led on-farm coffee quality improvements in Hispaniola.

The project uses a Risk and Opportunities Analysis, or ROA, process first pioneered by Kerstin Linne and Kathleen Shepp (then with GIZ) and Cafdirect during the Adapt to Climate Change (AdapCC) project in 2007, and further developed by CPF during the Adap2T project. This is the first time it will have been used to confront coffee quality issues.

Im currently at CPF workshop in Santo Domingo where over a period of 5 days staff from the FEDECARES and REKOKARNO co-ops in the Dominican Republic and Haiti are learning the ROA methodology to lead their own smallholder farmers through the process of developing a strategy. These cooperatives represent more than 13,000 farmers between them, and if coffee quality is to be improved it has to be with the buy-in and leadership of the farmers themselves.

The workshops encourage a process of analysing the root causes of coffee quality issues affecting farmers, and developing potential solutions which can be decided upon, and implemented, by individual farmers and the base co-ops they are part of. The end result is a Coffee Quality Strategy that has been designed by the producers themselves, and will be owned by them moving forward.

It may take a long time for the results of this workshop to have an effect on farmers livelihoods, but the first, participatory, steps are happening this week.

– Kenny

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