Rock The Goat with CPF!

Does the Christmas charity guilt trip get on your goat every year? Looking for an alternative? Well CPF has the answer for you, designer goats. Yes you herd us. Forget giving a goat to Africa this Christmas, design your own goat and give to a charity that supports sustainable development by working with smallholder farmers and producers.

Rock the Goat is not your standard charity Christmas campaign, we want to give you the power…and a goat.

Rock the Goat is about sharing our message in a fun and engaging way, while also giving people the opportunity to support our projects. We don’t pretend to know how you like your goat, in the same way that we believe that the people with the best ideas and know-how on Farm innovation are the farmers themselves.

Get involved here:

And please share it with as many people as you can – and support our innovative and effective projects with smallholder farmers    @TheCPFoundation   #rockthegoat