Michimikuru Tea Growers

Michimikuru is a tea cooperative in Meru, Kenya with approximately 7,000 members. Their factory is situated within a large water catchment area of rivers and streams that services farmers both up and down stream.  Ensuring that there is sufficient clean water for both domestic and commercial use is essential to the sustainability of tea production and the communities that live nearby.

In 2006 Michimikuru began a long-term project with support from CPF to undertake measures to protect the various streams of the river. The farmers were trained on environmental conservation and climate mitigation measures. The farmers learned agricultural practices that minimise interference with riparian streams, leaving them intact with vegetation cover to reduce erosion, eco-friendly trees were planted at the sources of the fifteen identified rivers and sixty river bank scouts were elected and trained to voluntarily plant eco-friendly trees along them.

Looking to the future Michimikuru have established an indigenous tree nursery which supplies free seedling to farmers and assisted five local schools to establish forest corners of their schools, to teach younger generations about climate change. They have also established their own wood lot for the factory, limiting their contribution to deforestation.

  • Project Budget from CPF

  • Men involved


  • Women involved


  • Indigenous tree seedlings planted

    Over 500,000

  • The number of seedlings new nursery can hold



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