Peru’s 2.3 million smallholder farmers face a daily struggle to improve their livelihoods in the face of multiple threats (National Agricultural Census, 2012). The smallholder coffee farmers we work with are located in some of the most isolated regions of Peru and are vulnerable to challenges including: international price volatility, changing climates and a dependence on coffee’s single annual harvest to support their families. These factors prevent hardworking farmers from lifting themselves out of poverty. Existing services designed to support farmers are failing to reach the most isolated communities and marginalised families, those in most in need of support.

INSPIRE – Innovation by Smallholders to enhance Productivity, Incomes, Resources & Enterprise  – is a 4-year project that will begin during the summer of 2015 and build on successful investment from CPF in Peru since 2009. With Big Lottery’s support, INSPIRE will deliver an innovative, peer-to-peer package of livelihood support services, trainings and activities that respond directly to the challenges and barriers identified by farmers. INSPIRE will equip farmers with knowledge and skills, empowering them as ‘Farmer Promoters’, capable of leading their own initiatives and activities.

INSPIRE will be led by smallholder coffee farmers and will focus on: improving coffee quality, additional livelihood opportunities via the development of micro-enterprises, and identification of low-cost climate change mitigations.

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    Big Lottery

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    2015 - 2019


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