Young Rural Entrepreneurs

The Frontera San Ignacio (FSI) coffee cooperative has approximately 700 members and is based in Peru, not far from the border with Ecuador. Like many smallholder groups, Frontera San Igancio faces the challenge of an ageing membership and a worrying lack of young people interested in taking up coffee farming.  In 2010 the FSI project team took action to combat the issue and launched an apprenticeship scheme named “Young Rural Entrepreneurs: We Are Ready!”

Over the course of a year twenty-six young people from the local area undertook a comprehensive training programme, designed to equip them with everything they might need to know in order to earn a sustainable source of income by growing and selling coffee. They were also trained in the requisite technical expertise in issues such as soil management, pruning and harvesting.

The training provided by the course earned the graduates recognition for their knowledge within the farming community; they became ‘smallholder coffee experts’.  Working alongside the older membership the graduates’ youth and entrepreneurial skills injected innovative ideas and ways of working into the cooperatives.  They also inspired more young people to realise that with the right training, they too could forge a sustainable and rewarding career within coffee farming.

  • Project PPP Budget:

  • Timeframe

    February - December 2010

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  • Location

    San Ignacio, Peru

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  • Oscar - FSI


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