Coocafe PPP

COOCAFE is a coffee cooperative in Costa Rica with 6,200 members.  In the past they’ve encountered difficulties during implementation and monitoring of the FLO certification due to the challenges involved in updating the information from all of the member farmers of their primary cooperatives.

In 2012 COOCAFE built on the database they’d designed and developed in 2011 with CPF funds. They used their new system to update their database with information from all their seven primary cooperatives in order to have all the necessary information required for the Fair Trade certification audit, in turn strengthening both the administrative processes and quality control.

In 2012 they also trained all the managers of the cooperatives and the Committee members that represent the Internal Control System on the principles and foundations of the Fair Trade standards. This move was especially important given the recent changes that have occurred in Fair Trade compliance and the implementation of new measures required.

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