Current East Africa programmes

Upscaling Farmer Innovation

For African smallholders, necessity drives innovation and entrepreneurship. Smallholders share challenges such as managing farming practices and natural resources in a sustainable way, increasing incomes and mitigating climate change. Although addressing these challenges on low budgets and with limited access to support is difficult, a diverse range of innovations are developed by farmers. Despite this richness of entrepreneurial ideas and approaches, smallholders are …

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Past programmes


Michimikuru Tea Growers

Michimikuru is a tea cooperative in Meru, Kenya with approximately 7,000 members, whose factory is situated within a large water catchment area of rivers and streams. In 2006 with the support of CPF Michimikuru launched a new project to help them protect the various water streams and safeguard the long-term sustainability of their tea production.

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Changing climate patterns and increasing temperatures are becoming a growing threat to the livelihoods of smallholder tea producers in East Africa. These smallholders are highly dependent upon tea production as their main source of income and livelihood, and are thus extremely vulnerable to declines in tea production caused by climatic changes. This 2-year programme will enable 6 smallholder tea …

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