Current Creative Enterprise programmes


Digital Farm

Applying sensors to farming tools that will aggregate and relay accurate, timely and life-changing information to farmers’ mobile phones.

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Cuppa is an inclusive business model which directly benefits smallholder farmers, employs locally, and provides the thriving city of Nairobi with premium fresh tea and coffee.
Little truck, big difference.

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SmallFolders are flatpack urban gardening products inspired by African and Latin American farmers and their hacks to gardening challenges. SmallFolders will help you grow herbs and plants, keep bees, and bring the magic of nature straight from the fields to your balcony or windowsill.

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HELP FARMERS ACROSS AFRICA BY DONATING YOUR FOLLOWERS FOR ONE BIG TWEET. Our idea is simple. Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation want to grow a tweet so big we can auction it for African farmers. We‘re calling it our #OneBigTweet. By signing up, you’re allowing us to auto-retweet our #OneBigTweet from your account for one time only. …

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Past programmes

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Rock The Goat with CPF!

Does the Christmas charity guilt trip get on your goat every year? Looking for an alternative? Well CPF has the answer for you, designer goats. Yes you herd us. Forget giving a goat to Africa this Christmas, design your own goat and give to a charity that supports sustainable development by working with smallholder farmers …

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