#OneBigTweet – How to give to charity without spending a penny.

Today, we at Cafedirect Producers’ Foundation (CPF) are launching #OneBigTweet, an exciting new fundraising campaign that will offer the public the chance to donate to us without spending a penny. Upon hearing this bold statement, most people we have spoken to have immediately broken into a chorus of question words: why? what? how? who? when? wherefore?

Luckily, these are all more than answerable (except maybe the wherefore):

Let’s start with an easy one. We’ve already told you when this will be taking place; it launches today. When it ends, however, depends entirely on you and how many people get involved.

Before going any further we should cover the what. This campaign is an opportunity to support our work by simply donating your twitter followers. The idea then is to grow #OneBigTweet so big that is can be auctioned for charity. This will enable the buyer to reach a large number of people, as their #OneBigTweet gets automatically retweeted from the accounts of supporters for one time only.

This brings us on to the how. It’s actually easy, only requiring the 3 simplest of clicks: 1) Click on the link 2) Click ‘Donate my twitter followers’. 3) Click ‘Authorise. You’re done and ready to share this with friends! Later, once the #OneBigTweet is sold, the tweet (carefully supervised by us) will be auto-retweeted from your account.

By removing the financial barrier to donating to charity, the answer to the who question becomes a lot larger. We are basically looking for anyone and everyone to get involved. As a small team of 8 working with nearly 280,000 smallholder farmers, we understand the power that can be generated by growing communities and networks. This is what #OneBigTweet will seek to do.

Finally we reach the harder, but most important and interesting of the questions: why are we doing this?

Primarily, it is to secure vital funds that will help us continue to develop our important work with the world’s smallholder farmers (more about our work here.) As a small organisation fighting for space within the charity fundraising sector, it can often be a struggle to get noticed. As we look around at the saturated fundraising market we see a lot of cynical and manipulative strategies from organisations much larger than us. This is not only beginning to have a disillusioning effect on the public but also undermine the incredible work that many charities are doing. Therefore, rather than wanting to resort to the same old tactics, we want to set ourselves out from the crowd. We see #OneBigTweet as a fantastic opportunity to break the mould.

This is not the first time we have been involved in disruptive campaigning tactics. Our Rock the Goat campaign, was created as a result of looking for new and exciting ways to engage with new audiences in a positive and upbeat way. All of this is built up on the fact that our programmes support farmers to develop and share their innovations and knowledge with each other. We don’t see why our fundraising efforts ought to be any different and #OneBigTweet is designed to reflect this. By leveraging social media, we hope to be able to create a positive and innovative crowdfunding movement to revitalise the charity sector.

Please join us, sign-up and pass it on! Let’s get this one tweet as big as we can!


Press? please take a look at our press kit or contact Sam, CPF Communications Officer: sam@producersfoundation.org

Read more about our campaign in Alex’s interview in the Metro!

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