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We all like to travel, meet new people and have exciting new experiences. At CPF we certainly do. Getting to see our team, board members and visit our producer partners on their farms is something we always look forward to. We know how great the farmers in our network are, and how exciting and fascinating their work is and so we have been seeking ways in which we can share this directly with people.


However, we are also aware of how important it is to be wary of the stresses and strains that tourism this can put on local communities that, all too often, do not fully benefit from receiving visitors. Therefore, our goal has been to find ways in which tours can be developed in a fair, sustainable and ethical way, putting the needs of the local community first.


So, were incredibly excited to have partnered up with Sumak Travel to offer some new Fair Trade Adventures that will enable people to meet some of our coffee producers alongside visiting some of Latin Americas most exciting destinations – all at a fair price, with the needs of the locals put first!


In our tailor made journeys we will give you the opportunity to ride horses through rural Colombia, taste the freshest Peruvian coffee from Machu Picchu or becoming friends with the Bribri indigenous tribe in Costa Rica! Furthermore, 10% of the price of each of the tours sold will go directly back into CPFs programmes helping smallholder farmers develop and share their innovations.


Colourful La Candelaria, in Bogota centre, Colombia

Colourful district of La Candelaria in central Bogot, Colombia.

Amazing, right? How is this possible? Well, really its quite straightforward – at least as far as were concerned. Our partnership with Sumak Travel brings with it their close ties with community-led providers, ensuring that all activities are led by the needs of local community, entirely on their terms. Besides this Sumak works as cost-efficiently as possible, so that it is able to offer amazing, affordable tours that offer transparency and fair, sustainable incomes for local populations – what more could you ask for?


But why are CPF doing this? Well, there are a number of reasons. Firstly, (and, perhaps, most obviously) it brings in money to the organisation. We have written previously about the fact that as a small charity operating in a saturated market, we need to do something different to stand out from the crowd. We have done this with many of our past fundraising campaigns (Rock the Goat, OneBigTweet and SmallFolders) and are hoping that our Fair Trade adventures can also offer something exciting and different as a way of financially supporting our work.


However, these tours dont just bring in money to CPF, they also provide a sustainable revenue stream for our producer partners. Supporting producers to develop their own micro-enterprises is a big focus for CPF. This allows them to diversify their incomes and build resilience for times when, for example, coffee prices are low, or pests and climate change threaten their crops. In response to this our producer partners have, among other initiatives, set-up apiaries, developed fish farms and reared rabbits Be it space, expertise, or knowledge of the land, what these enterprises have in common is that they allow smallholders to utilise their existing surroundings to bring in more income to support their families. This is where our Fair Trade Adventures come in. By promoting a sustainable and community-led approach, the smallholders and their communities will be able to continuing leveraging the assets on their land to bring in more income in a sustainable way that fits their needs.


Coffee Road - Peren Valley


Finally, these tours allows our smallholders to show off their expertise. What these farmers do is remarkable and inspiring – in fact the 500 million smallholders around the world produce up to 70% of the global food supply! This is no mean feat and they have some amazingly ingenious and innovative ways to make this happen – to get a good idea of what this means you take a look at some of their ideas from our Innovation Marketplace. We believe that allowing people to visit their farms, see their work and understand where the products we consume on a daily basis come from will help raise awareness of smallholder resourcefulness and ingenuity.


So please take a look, imagine yourself on a beach, in a jungle or visiting a coffee plantation and contact: fairtrade@sumak-travel.org or 020 36424246 to book!

For more information about Fair Trade Adventures, download the brochure or visit the page on our website.

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