Bernardino Ribera is a coffee farmer from Chirinos, northern Peru. Through CPF’s Producer Partnership Programme, he from La Prosperidad de Chirinos, the co-operative he is a member of, which taught him how to prune his coffee plants effectively in order to make sure they continue producing quality coffee cherries. Pruning becomes especially important as coffee plants become older, but many farmers are reluctant to do so as cutting them back can seem counter-intuitive.

Through a central training workshop at the co-operative, as well as on-farm support from extension staff, Bernardino learned how to prune his coffee plants to increase the amount of coffee they produce. He has applied the techniques he learned to 4 of his 6 hectares and plans to complete the remaining area soon. However, he is already seeing the results of his hard work in the amount of coffee he has to sell; a 25% increase from the 120 quintiles he produced in the previous year!

As a result of this he is now able to build a new house for himself and his family. This is being constructed next to their plot of land where, alongside coffee, the Ribera family also grows oranges, corn and pineapple and keeps chickens and pigs. Bernardino says that, thanks to the training he has received, he now feels capable of continuing to improve the quality of his coffee plants by himself, whilst knowing that the co-operative staff are on hand to provide support.