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Copy of Individual nursery hold by Emmanise (RECOCARNO)


Engaging young people in agriculture has become an increasingly important issue on the international development agenda. Young people possess the technical skills and entrepreneurial spirits critical to the agricultural sector’s future. Unfortunately, most do not see agriculture as a viable livelihood and many leave rural communities in search of greater opportunities. According to the UN, …

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Luke Metto

Visiting a Centre of Excellence

Sireet OEP Microbusiness and Income Diversification In the west of Kenya, spread across the Nandi Hills, the Sireet Outgrower Empowerment Programme’s (Sireet-OEP) smallholder farmers grow, pick and sell their tea. Although smallholders are not generally recognised as entrepreneurs, farmers facing poverty, food insecurity and climate change, among other concerns, are driven to develop innovative solutions …

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The Sireet OEP is a cooperative of tea farmers in the Nandi Hills, Kenya. CPF has had a long partnersip together with the Sireet OEP, starting with their involvement in the CPF Producer Partnership Programme (PPP) in 2010. The members of the cooperative were clearly seeing the effects of climate change in the region, and …

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Climate Change Risks – The Role of Partnerships

A partnership is an arrangement where parties agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests. This means that a partnership addresses shared or common needs. Partnerships exist within, and across sectors. In the case of the Adapt2T project, partnerships have been established between private sector, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), local authorities and government ministries so as to …

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The weather has changed, we are not receiving enough rain and the experts tell us its because the environment has been spoiled by our activities: tree reduction and chemicals. Now it is very necessary we participate in climate change initiatives.

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Mary Mbiti is a Tea Extension Services assistant at Kiegoi Tea Factory in Meru, Kenya. In over a decade in the job she has witnessed many changes, one of the most remarkable of which has been the variations in her local environment due to climate change. Day-to-day, her job involves visiting tea farmers and helping …

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Life for women in rural Peru can be hard. Over half of all women in Peru live in poverty and more than two-thirds have suffered physical or sexual violence inflicted by their partner. 2 in 5 rural women are illiterate – three times the rate amongst men – machismo is rife and opportunities for women …

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A problem for many of CPF’s producer partners is an aging membership coupled with a lack of young people with the skills needed to take over from the older generation. The Frontera San Igacio co-operative in Peru has developed an innovative solution to this challenge, by developing an apprenticeship scheme for young people. The initiative, called “Young …

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Berndardino now has 25% more coffee to sell.

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